Whether you’re a vendor or a retailer, we help you proactively manage point-of-sale data with immediate access to powerful analytics – anywhere, any time, on any device.

Decades of retail experience

Founded by a team of retail industry veterans – manufacturers, merchandisers, analysts and retailers – Data Based Intel (DBI) is a complete solution that provides powerful, actionable retail analytics, dashboards and analysis customized for you.

We know what you need to drive profitability and operational efficiency, because we know your business.

Retail analytics in seconds

Not hours, not weeks, but seconds – with no heavy lifting from you.

DBI provides instantaneous dashboard access and 360° product performance visibility by harnessing the power of EDI 852 data and other retail data sources to help you predict and react to:

  • Consumer demand

  • Inventory levels

  • Pricing

  • Promotional ROIs

  • Trends

  • Other critical retail specific KPIs

Advanced secure technology

Not just a visualization tool, DBI is a complete solution.

Our advanced technology platform pulls data from any source, cleans it for accuracy, and analyzes it for you.

Completely web-based, you gain secure access to critical business information from any device on any browser – anywhere, at any time for maximum business agility.

And, with no software to install or additional personnel needed, you can focus on what you do best – managing the business.

DBI | Seasonal Analysis Dashboard

Getting started is simple

Getting started couldn’t be easier. DBI manages the entire process.

We provide an onboarding checklist to help you collect all information we need to customize and brand dashboards, setup user roles, assign security rights, collect and load historical data and more.

With no software to install, you’ll experience rapid, low cost activation – no contract required.

Have Questions?

When you do, you’ll talk to a team of experts that understands the retail segment and technology specialists that offer support based on experience with industry-standard retail practices.