Understanding how to use a retailer’s point-of-sale data is key to your success.

We harness the power of EDI 852 and other retail data sources to generate 360° visibility into inventory and sales performance so that you can identify opportunities for growth and profitability.

Dynamic Data Visualization

  • A holistic picture of your entire business including store structure, operational views and retailer-specific fiscal calendars

  • Views based on user roles and industry-specific metrics and reports that drive product performance

  • Full drill-down and pan-zoom capabilities enable you to quickly go “global to local” to view, analyze and act on business information

Market Analysis Dashboard
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Multi Retailer Analysis

Seasonal Analysis Dashboard
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  • Quickly analyze your business across multiple retailers

  • View variable time frames, trending graphs and bar charts showing percentage of business by retailer

  • Easily determine which retailer is contributing the most to your business and track any seasonality or sales trends year-over-year

Year-over-year Seasonal Analysis

  • All information is analyzed across multiple retailers, brands, stores, geographic territories, products, categories, consumers and timeframes

  • Role-based solution lets users at various levels go directly to information relevant and pertinent to them

  • Forecast inventory needs based on historical and current information, e.g., weather conditions and seasonal change

Store Analysis Dashboard
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